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Happy Memorial Day to our friends in Seattle
Clean and organized...and safe.
More room for the project team...
Whitton Kitchen
Best selection....best plan


Coffee Bar?
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Happy Memorial Day to our friends in Seattle

Happy  Memorial Day  to our friends in Washington.    Have a question?    Ask.    Have a design problem?    We can help.    Got a story to share?    We are listening.   Have a great holiday weekend!

Clean and organized...and safe.

Need help keeping your cleaning supplies organized in a household with olderchildren and pets?                                                          Good organization saves you time andmoney and keeps those you love.

More room for the project team...

Cabinet Desk Top
Making room in the office for a  new computer with an all in one flat screen and an associate who is a  marketing specialist. Updated software, more training and new clients...it's great!

Whitton Kitchen

Lisa, thank you for the invitation to view your newly renovated home.
Your decision to keep your decor simple... really sets off your beautiful wood floors, chestnut stain on your new kitchen cabinets and rust and slate color accents.
Great job implementing the design.
Front Hall Vintage Home                                                                       Looking forward to Kitchen #6

Best selection....best plan

Love my bistro shop design...well organized and beautiful.


Being part of a new community means
 good communication with our  team members,
flexibility on the part of the loft owner, and added knowledge addressing the tenant's concerns. 

 We benefit from their understanding and acceptance and increased resolve to finish the project on time and within  budget.
We stay on track...just in time to start the next one.
One project at  a time. Multi-tasking within the project.
Observing, analyzing, responding with focused attention.

Your keys to success

If  you can visualize... the solution to your problem is having the right people...recruiting more of the same...open minded, experienced, enthusiastic...focused on Your Business success...they know it will make for their success  as well.


 Customers drive the project; their choices decide the direction and scope.

Successful Strategy ...Phoenicians win!

Choosing to show up  and play the big game..
 operate to serve the customers who know what they
and specialized to help those still deciding...  to discover what they want.

Seamless renovation

Repurposing commercial space for  mixed use provides living quarters as well as retail space. This makes for good use and common sense. A seamless transition from home to work saves time, money, wear and tear on ourselves and our environment.
The boundaries we set may not be visible as a physical commute... this flexibility makes us  recognize
ourselves as  the highly adaptive creatures we already are.
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